DJ102 – July Session

Soundbenders Dj 102 builds upon the 4 Pillars of Dj’ing learned in our popular Dj 101 Course. While Soundbender Institute provides dj equipment for all students to learn on, students are highly encouraged to bring in their own controllers, mixers etc. Dj 102 covers the following:

WEEK 1: Saturday, July 6th
Scratch 102: Intermediate Scratching
> Drop Scratch
> Chirp Scratch
> Drag Scratch
>  Transform Scratch

WEEK 2: Saturday, July 13th
Mixing 102: Intermediate Mixing
> Slam Mixing
> Loop Mixing
> Live Blends / Mashups
> Mixing in Key
> Mixing Stems / SERATO 3.0 Beta Overview

Week 3: Saturday, July 20th
Set Preparation /Mic Skills/Soft Skills
> Students will spend time mapping out their sets with instructors for Final Examination.
(Final Examination will consist of Setup of Equipment & performance of a 20 minute set after week 4)
> Mic Skills/Finding Your Voice : (How to become comfortable and sound good on the mic)
> Soft Skills : Gig Etiquette (Gig Appearance guidelines (Weddings vs Club Gigs vs Private Parties, Booth Etiquette while spinning with other dis)

Week 4: Saturday, July 27th
The Business of Dj’ing / Study Hall
> Pricing Structure
> Dealing with Promoters / Club Owners
> Contracts
> Collection
> Final Exam Set Prep

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